The Eastern Campaigns

This bronze bas-relief panel depicts the activities of the A.I.F. in the Eastern theatres of war – Egypt, Gallipoli, Palestine and Mesopotamia. Here are to be seen incidents referring to the landing at Gallipoli, Marines, the landing of supplies, the Army Medical Services, the Camel Corps, the Engineers, the Army Service Corps, the Light Horse, the Infantry carrying barbed wire entanglements, the Machine Gunners, the Artillery and the Engineers. This panel, illustrating the Eastern theatres of war, has been placed on the eastern side of the Memorial.

The Western Campaigns

A bas-relief panel, is placed on the western façade of the Memorial immediately over the Entrances to the Offices of the Returned Soldiers Organisations and Museum. On this panel are depicted men of the Air Force, the Cycle Corps, the Infantry in full marching equipment, Wagon Drivers, Infantry in winter dress, Pioneers, Heavy Artillery, Stretcher Bearers, Bombers, Machine Gunners, Infantry in action, the Tank Corps and a Gas Attack.