The Navy Bas-Relief

High on the walls of the ‘Hall of Memory’ are bas-reliefs depicting the four great branches of the A.I.F., and behind the central groups in each case are marching figures – the ‘March of the Dead’ – those who are called forth from life on service, and at their feet and flanking the central features in these panels are groups of crosses - quiet symbols of quiet sentinels in far-off lands. The Navy bas-relief depicts a Naval Officer and men resting, war weary and worn after their efforts, and dwelling on the memory of their companions for whom the passing shadow figures and attendant crosses speak in silent witness.

The Air Force Bas-Relief

Depicts an Air Force officer and men resting after their war efforts and contemplating in like manner the memories of those years, their departed comrades and their resting places being symbolised by marching figures and the ever present crosses.

The Army Medical Corps Bas-Relief

Here is depicted one of the noblest phases of the war-weary and wounded men tended with loving care by the mothers of the race – here is to be seen a Matron and two of her charges sitting in contemplation and weariness, and behind are to be seen again the ‘March of the Dead’ and eternal crosses which speak of the closing gateway of life.

The Army Bas-Relief

Illustrates members of the A.I.F. Infantry resting after their war efforts, exhausted, and sitting in contemplation of lost friends who have joined the ‘March of the Dead’ and whose departure is symbolised by the crosses on either side.