Here you will find lists of the medals that have been handed into State Branch, sorted into alphabetical order by the person’s name. You will also find a list of medals that the public have found about the Sydney area and a list of medals that people are searching for.

You will notice on the pages that there are different ways in finding or reporting lost medals. If you have found some medals we can assist with posting an entry on the "Found Medals - Other" page, we can also do the same for any Lost Medals you are missing. If you know any of the people on the "Found Medals A - K" or "L - Z" lists, please contact Glyn Llanwarne over at Lost Medals Australia who has taken receipt of all the medals that State Branch has received over the years, Glyn also has a blog which tracks all the medals he has returned, the total now stands at over 1,000!

To see the list of medals that still have to be returned, please click here.