Youth Clubs

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RSL Youth Clubs......

An authorised body elected by RSL State Council to administer and control the RSL Youth Movement throughout NSW.

General government and administration of the RSL Youth Club movement in NSW shall be vested in the RSL Youth Council but it shall not interfere with the domestic workings of RSL Youth Clubs so long as such Clubs conform to aims, objects, policies and RSL NSW Constitution.

The aims and objectives of the RSL NSW Youth Council are:

  • Assistance, guidance and advice to Youth Clubs on all phases of youth work and activities
  • To foster the establishment of RSL Youth Clubs throughout New South Wales
  • To constantly reappraise the general direction of the Youth Movement
  • To further improve sporting and cultural activities
  • To afford youth the opportunity of clean healthy recreation
  • For youth to observe the principles of good citizenship and the need for observance of laws
  • For youth to display good fellowship and sportsmanship in both social and competition sport
  • Development of loyalty of youth in all facets of community and private associations
  • Perpetuate the close friendship created by mutual service
  • To foster and promote the RSL Charter on Australian Youth as stipulated in the Regulations.

Youth Council consists of two RSL NSW State Councillors, one being the Chairman and the other being the Deputy Chairman and a representative from each of the following state sporting groups: Novice Gymnastics; State Swimming; Ballroom Dancing; Theatrical Dance and Reciprocal Visits.

Administrative Information:

  • Please click here for Circular B/14 Incorporation of RSL Youth Clubs and Model Rules (Constitution)
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