Welcome to the 2019 RSL NSW Constitution Resources and Feedback page.

The Board of RSL NSW issued a draft constitution to all District Council Presidents on Wednesday, 12 June 2019. This is in keeping with the commitment made by the seven District Council leaders (the ‘DC7’) elected at the District Council Forum in April to assist in the drafting of the constitution. The District Councils have therefore had time to familiarise themselves with the constitution so they can each act as a local point of contact for sub-Branches and members reviewing the draft and providing feedback.

Draft Constitution 

You can find the first draft of this constitution published here
If you are looking for the current (not draft) Constitution, you can find it here.

Transition Table
This table has been prepared to assist members to examine clauses in the new draft constitution and show where the corresponding clause can be found in the existing constitution. If you have questions about the draft constitution, you can refer to the Frequently Asked Questions (below).

The reverse transition table; showing where the existing constitution corresponds to the new draft constitution, can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions with answers explaining the major aspects of the proposed constitution can be found here.  

PowerPoint Presentation for sub-Branches
A presentation that may help sub-Branches discussing the draft constitution as a group can be viewed and downloaded here

Legal Opinion on 'Rockdale' Constitution
A legal opinion by Ashurst Lawyers on the Rockdale sub-Branch’s draft version of the constitution (the Rockdale constitution), is available here.
The Board requested an external legal review of the Rockdale constitution to determine whether the draft meets all the requirements of the RSL NSW Act and current governance practice. 
Members can download a copy to share with their sub-Branch or read the opinion using the link above.


To manage and coordinate feedback on this constitution, we ask that you follow the below process:

  1. Review the content of the documents included with this correspondence
  2. Refer specific questions on the constitution to your District Council President
  3. Collate any feedback from your members
  4. Provide the feedback to your District Council so that they may submit the collated district feedback to ANZAC House by 15 July 2019
  5. Once the feedback has been received, the DC7 and the board will meet to respond to the feedback.
Each of the 23 District Councils across NSW has received the above resources, as well as a document to record feedback from their sub-Branches. We ask that you direct all questions and feedback through your District Council. This helps us to process a high volume of feedback and ensure nothing gets missed.

If you do require further information, including contact details for your District Council President, please contact the Support Unit at support@rslnsw.org.au or 1300 679 775.

We will publish feedback received on this page in chronological order. We will aim to update feedback each week.